Wausau Coated

3.5 Mil White Matte Kimdura DualTech®

This film is top coated to allow for inkjet printing. Product material is laser printable on many laser printers but customer testing is required. Combined with an appropriate adhesive and liner, this product is ideal for consumer and office labels. Kimdura® DualTech® synthetic paper is a tough label facestock for both laser and inkjet printing. It is designed for applications where weather and chemical resistance are necessary. Facestock by itself is compliant with BS 5609 part 2 and 3.

Caliper 3.5 mils
Yield 6,924 sq. in/lb
Brightness 94 %
Opacity 90 %

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W027572 3.5 Mil White Matte Kimdura DualTech® / i8017 / 50# SC View Details