RFA 79307

4.5 mil White Matte Kimdura® Inkjet / ultra remo / 80#

  • : WI, M

4.5 mil White Matte Kimdura® Inkjet : see other catalog options

This face sheet is specifically engineered to perform in inkjet printing applications. In addition, it is writable with pen, pencil, surgical marker, and Sharpie markers. Provides excellent resistance to chemicals and moisture in harsh environments when printed with pigment inks.

Basis Weight (25 x 38 / 500) 67.3 lbs
Caliper 4.5 mils
Brightness 102.5 %
Sheffield Smoothness 25
Whiteness 114
Regulatory Compliances British Standard - BS 5609

Ultra-Removable : see other catalog options

An emulsion acrylic ultra-removable adhesive with low tack on flat smooth surfaces. It can be cleanly removed after an extended period of time. Applications include glass, counter tops, painted metal, smooth painted walls, and stainless steel. For optimum performance, we recommend a film facestock. This ultra-removable adhesive has demonstrated good cold temperature properties under certain conditions. Qualifying the adhesive for the specific end-use substrate is a prerequisite.

Type Ultra-Removable
Classification Emulsion Acrylic
pH Alkaline
Minimum Application Temp. -15 °F
Service Temperature Range -60 to +160 °F
Regulatory Compliances ASTM F963 Child Toy Safety, California Proposition 65, CONEG, Natural Rubber Latex Free, RoHS

80# Layflat : see other catalog options

Clay-coated bleached kraft liner designed for roll-to-sheet applications.

Basis Weight (25 x 38 / 500) 84.5 lbs
Caliper 4.6 mils
Opacity 86 %
Tear, MD / CD 61 / 71 g
Tensile, MD / CD 36 / 21 psi
Regulatory Compliances Acid Free, ASTM F963 Child Toy Safety, CONEG, RoHS, REACH, FDA 21 CFR 175.105