Printing Tips

Offset Printing Tips for Vinyls, Films and Non-Coated Synthetics

The press must have a fine metering dampening system.
Please note: It is virtually impossible to print these materials on a duplex type press (A.B. Dick or Multi) because you can’t meter back the water enough.

You must use special oxidizing inks, which require lots of air circulation to dry.

Spread sheets out to expose to the air.  Will normally dry within 24 hours.
If using an ink drying additive, pay attention to the amount of dryer added.  Check with your ink supplier for formulations.
If using a fountain additive, check with your ink supplier for proper ratios.
If using spray powder, use a 25-35 micron size powder.
Keep lifts small, 250-300 sheets, to avoid set-off problems.
This still can require up to 24 hours to completely dry.  There is no “almost dry”.  The ink will be tacky, tacky and then dry.  Inks dry more rapidly at higher temperatures.  For every 10 degree increase, drying time can be reduced approximately 25%.