Environmentally Responsible Pressure Sensitive Products

Today we are seeing a renewed commitment to safe guarding our planet.   When it comes to packaging solutions and labeling options that are earth friendly, there are more and more viable alternatives that are becoming available each day. Whether it is water-based adhesives,  FSC® certified materials, products manufactured from post-consumer waste, or from natural products such as cotton, or product created through low impact manufacturing, there is an environmentally responsible roll label option for your needs.

Eco-friendly manufacturing is more than just a buzzword at Wausau Coated. It’s a big part of who we are and our formula for success over the past 30 years. As an early pioneer in water-based adhesive technology, converters look to Wausau Coated Products for innovation and the latest in environmentally responsible pressure sensitive solutions. Click Here for a full list of our Sustainable Roll Products.

Contact us for more information regarding our environmentally responsible pressure sensitive label products, or call us at 800-345-8039 and we will gladly assist you with any questions that you may have. Wausau Coated is your trusted source for environmentally responsible roll and sheet label products.

Environmentally Responsible Roll Label Product Options

Much of our label collection has an environmental story to tell.  Numerous facestocks contain PCW (post-consumer waste) and even more are FSC® certified.  Wausau Coated became a FSC® certified manufacturer in 2008.  We continue to source and qualify raw materials and manufacturing processes that lessen the impact on our environment.  Our products are marked within their name when FSC® certified or they contain PCW content. 

Eco-Friendly Pressure Sensitive Label Solutions

Being sustainable is everybody’s business.  We know brands are looking for environmentally responsible materials to tell their story and Wausau Coated will continue to source and qualify raw materials that not only look good but are good for the environment.  WE are committed to depreciating our impact on the environment.

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