Wausau Coated Products End Use Solutions
Wausau Coated Products End Use Solutions

Food & Beverage Labels

When it comes to labeling your food and beverage products, labels not only effectively represent your brand but also deliver your product’s initial sales pitch. With so much competition within the food and beverage industry, it’s vitally important that your food and beverage labels not only look great but are also able to withstand the environmental conditions in which they will be shelved or marketed.

At Wausau Coated, in addition to our standard facestocks, adhesives, and liners, we provide a fully customized approach to your food and beverage label needs. If your food and beverage product requires a unique label that can withstand a variety of shelving conditions including water submersion and cooler and freezer storage, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Check out our stocked wine and craft beer labels or give us a call at 800-345-8039 to learn more about the Wausau Coated difference and the unique custom solutions we can offer your craft food and beverage products.

Food & Beverage Label Options

Grocery and liquor stores often sell several different brands of the same product. To provide a unique presentation to customers and to differentiate from other brands it is important to utilize food and beverage labels that can be customized to your exact specifications. Wausau Coated provides adhesive and liner options that can be mixed and matched with our facestock options for a custom approach to your food and beverage label needs.

Whether your product requires standard facestocks, adhesives, and linders or a fully customized approach, our label experts will develop a customized product labeling solution within 24-48 hours that will incorporate your product’s unique requirements.

Premium Wine Labels

Wausau Coated Products’ line of pressure sensitive wine label material offers more options for wine and beverage labels including uncoated papers, sophisticated textures, foils, films, and environmentally friendly selections.  In addition, many of our facestocks include Wet Strength, allowing them to withstand damp storage conditions and ice bucket immersion. Wine label product options include:

Craft Beer & Beverage

Whether your craft beer or beverage label material requires a wet or dry application, Wausau Coated has the solution to your facestock needs. Our craft beer and beverage label materials are available in a wide range of options to suit all applications. For wet labeling, we offer adhesive options that will not break down or dissolve, resulting in a truly original label that will not falter under environmental duress.

Wet Applications

Wet application can be a very demanding process. The label must adhere quickly and remain intact while continuing down the bottling line. Wausau Coated offers two wet application adhesive options.

Dry Applications

Dry application is typically an easier process. Once labeled, the bottle will be placed in a cold or moist environment, so it is important that the adhesive settles and holds the label on the can or bottle.

Custom Food Labeling Solutions

Wausau Coated creates fully customized labeling solutions for your craft and small batch food product needs. Whether it’s premium coffee, dog food, cannabis, or gourmet food products, we can help you achieve the labeling solutions that suits your specific product packaging requirements.

Describe your labeling problem and the design features that you need, and our food package labeling experts will create a custom facestock, adhesive, and material labeling solution that meets or exceeds your product’s labeling needs. When it comes to your food and beverage label needs, Wausau Coated embraces the “what if” questions, which results in tangible, state-of-the-art labeling solutions for your craft and small batch food products.

Stocked Products for Food and Beverage Labels

Wausau Coated features a line of stocked pressure sensitive products for all craft food and beverage label applications. All our stocked items are available for immediate shipment with a low minimum order quantity. Trial rolls are available and recommended to determine the suitability of any product for a particular application.

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To learn more about Wausau Coated’s markets and end uses for food and beverage labels, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 800-345-8039. Wausau Coated is the industry’s most trusted source for customized, premium quality food and beverage labels.