Labeling Guide

Slit Roll Barcode Information

Each slit roll includes two slit-roll barcode labels. One label is affixed on the outside of the roll. The other label is located inside the core. From the information on these barcode labels, the entire manufacturing history of this roll can be analyzed. If there are any questions or concerns regarding a specific roll of pressure sensitive paper, Wausau Coated Products can answer them as long as the information found on this label is provided.

See example below of slit roll

Slit Roll Label Example

The slit roll barcode label contains a wealth of information at a quick glance:

Desc: Describes the components used in the pressure sensitive construction

          Facestock: Indigo Estate #8 Vellum

          Adhesive: 245

          Liner: 44# PK

Stencil #This number can represent a customer’s stocking number or any other information that may be required by the customer.

PO# This is our customer’s purchase order number

Grade # This is Wausau Coated Products’ specification number

Size: This is the slit roll width as requested by the customer

Quantity: This is the total lineal footage for this specific slit roll

Lot# This number indicated the manufacturing lot number as well as the sequential roll off that lot number.

Job# In the example above the 92793 represents our converting job number. 1-1 represents the roll and the position of that particular job number.


Web position is illustrated in drawing below.

Web Position

Arrow indicates wind-up direction.

0 This number is located below the job number and indicates the number of splices and brokes in this roll