Wausau Coated Products End Use Solutions
Wausau Coated Products End Use Solutions

Markets & End Uses for Pressure Sensitive Label Products

Specialized label products and materials provide a custom approach to helping your brand stand out and differentiate you from the competition.  At Wausau Coated Products, manufacturing specialty pressure sensitive labels for a near limitless amount of end uses is what we do best. From shelf marking to wine label products to transfer tape, our experienced Sales and Technical staff has the expertise to transform the most complex labeling projects into successful solutions, giving your product a competitive advantage.
Contact us to learn more about our approach to specialty pressure sensitive labels and shelf marking solutions, or if you have specific questions regarding developing custom label products, call us at 800-345-8039 and we will be happy to assist you.

Specialty Pressure Sensitive Label Options

The material experts at Wausau Coated Products understand the importance of innovative and unique label product solutions for your industry. We can provide you with the materials that you need to create a specialty label that is as unique as your brand. We provide label product material for the following industries and applications:


When it comes to pressure sensitive roll products that are custom manufactured for digital printers and presses, Wausau Coated has you covered. We work directly with OEMs to ensure that our digital printer labels match your exact specifications. Our digital printer label options include:
  • Paper
  • Film
  • Specialty facestock

Health & Beauty

Health and beauty product labels require flashy, eye-catching materials that standout, while providing excellent shelf life. Our custom roll labels for health, home and beauty lines have FDA approved adhesives that comply with all primary dermal irritation and oral toxicity federal regulations.

Wine & Spirits

Exceptional wine and spirit labels have unique and custom design features that appeal to both sight and touch. These types of labels are designed to inhibit a potential customer’s innate desire to obtain a wine or spirit that stands out from the rest. Wausau Coated Products’ line of pressure sensitive wine and spirit label products offers more options for wine and beverage labels including uncoated papers, sophisticated textures, foils, films and environmentally friendly selections.

Food & Beverage

Grocery and liquor stores often sell several different brands of the same product. To provide a unique presentation to customers and to differentiate from other brands it is important to utilize food and beverage labels that can be customized to your exact specifications. Wausau Coated provides adhesive and liner options that can be mixed and matched with our facestock options for a custom approach to food labels and craft beer labels.

Shelf Marking

Shelf marking labels from Wausau Coated are designed to deliver time and cost savings when it comes to communicating with your customers.  Pressure-sensitive tags are quicker to apply, do not fall off and offer easy removal without leaving excess adhesive behind to clean. We provide these benefits while maintaining outstanding print durability and performance.

Durable Drum & Container Labels

Certain types harsh environments and conditions require label materials that can meet the demands of their application. Durable drum and container labels are designed with facestocks that can endure outdoor exposure, and harsh chemicals. Our technical experts combine these tough facestocks with adhesives for difficult applications.

Transfer Tape

At Wausau Coated, we manufacture transfer tapes that provide exceptional bonding to glass and stainless steel, polypropylene and HDPE surfaces. Transfer tape materials provide an efficient alternative to spot welding or traditional fasteners.

Conventional Printing

Wausau Coated understands that pressure sensitive labels are often conventionally printed.  We offer pressure sensitive sheet products in uncoated, matte, semi-gloss, high-gloss or fluorescent facestocks with either permanent or removable adhesive options.

Specialty Label Applications

Innovative, out-of-the-box ideas often spur unprecedented results that can yield extremely beneficial results. At Wausau Coated, we thrive on unique ideas for specialty label applications that can forge unexpected solutions.

Quick & Easy Specialty Label Products Ordering Solutions

By clicking on any of our product’s specific catalog number, we can provide you with a quote, precise data sheet information, or a product sample that can be shipped directly to you. At Wausau Coated, we make it simple to order specialty pressure sensitive label products.

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