Sheet Label Materials
Sheet Label Materials

Pressure Sensitive Sheet Label Products

Sheet labels, including die cut label sheets are designed for easy and effective printing. They are most often utilized with inkjet and laser printers and can be custom tailored to your exact design specifications. There are numerous materials that can be used in label and printing applications. Each material has a unique application can provide significant benefits, based on your end objective.
At Wausau Coated, our nationwide network of distributors can provide pressure sensitive sheet products for a diverse range of applications. Whether your needs include high volume, ready-made materials or small quantities for custom order specialty products, Wausau Coated is your source for superior quality and cost-effective pressure sensitive stock. 
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Sheet Label Options At Wausau Coated, we provide numerous sheet label options. We understand that each of our sheet label options provides advantages based on your specific types of printing applications. That is why we offer a wide range of sheet label options to cater to all printing needs.

Traditional Offset

Traditional Offset Sheet Labels include pressure sensitive materials designed for everyday needs and includes large and small sheet options for offset printers.  This product portfolio includes uncoated, matte and gloss, tag and several fluorescent colored facestocks matched with permanent or removable adhesives to match your application.

Signature Offset

Signature Offset Sheet Labels line includes premium pressure sensitive facestock options including foils, films and Astrobrights® for offset printers. These can be used for a wide range of signage and marking applications.

HP Indigo

We are excited to offer an expanded line of pressure sensitive sheet products designed to be used with HP Indigo digital presses. These include specialty uncoated stocks with a felt finish, matte and gloss facestocks, tag, vinyl and polyester.  This collection also includes many die cut options.  We work closely with HP Indigo to ensure that our products will consistently perform to your expectations. 

Production Digital

Pressure sensitive sheets that are designed for laser and toner presses are provided in numerous popular digital sheet size options. Choose from uncoated, matte, gloss or vinyl facestock options, this collection also includes some die cut labels.


Wausau Coated offers a selection of pressure sensitive materials for Laser printers.

Die Cut Products

Our Die Cut products line consists of over 200 stocked die cut options that are available in a variety of facestocks.  All die cuts are also suitable for monochrome or color laser applications. 

Shelf Marking

Our Shelf Marking pressure sensitive sheet products provide a simple and convenient way for you to produce high-quality marketing for your retail space. Our carton stock line now includes six shelf marking products, allowing you to highlight your product specials in an attractive and cost-effective manner. 

Quick Ship Custom Sheet Label Program

The Quick Ship program is a fast, economical way to order custom size sheet-fed pressure sensitive products.  Facestock options include uncoated, matte and gloss, and flexible vinyl.

Environmentally Responsible Sheet Label Products

Wausau Coated offers a variety of unique and environmentally responsible sheet label products, a selection of FSC® Certified facestocks, and numerous facestocks made with post-consumer waste (PCW) or recycled content.
In addition to sourcing ‘green’ facestocks, we are also extremely environmentally conscious when it comes to our adhesive technology, focusing mainly on water-based adhesives. Our pressure sensitive adhesives have been solvent free since our inception.

Quick & Easy Sheet Label Ordering Solutions

By clicking on the unique catalog number of any of our products, we can provide you with a quote, precise data sheet information, or information on how to obtain a product sample that can be shipped directly to you. At Wausau Coated, we make it simple to order the pressure sensitive sheet products that are tailored to your project needs.

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