Roll Label Materials
Roll Label Materials

Superb Quality Coated Paper Products

Precision products deserve to be represented with the finest coated paper label materials in the industry. Premium coated paper products including high gloss, semi gloss, and matte provide exceptional results for your product packaging needs. No matter the product, there is a coated paper material that is designed to suit your product’s exact specifications.

With an assortment of high gloss, semi gloss, or matte coated paper material options, Wausau Coated provides a wide range of options to achieve the look your product requires. Our coated paper material product options allow you to choose the paper that is best suited to your product offering.

Contact us for more information regarding our premium coated paper material product options or call us at 800-345-8039 and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have. Wausau Coated is your trusted source for state-of-the-art coated paper products.

High Gloss Coated Printing Paper

High gloss coated paper from Wausau Coated provides increased sheen and reduced ink absorption over semi gloss and matte coated materials. High gloss coated papers provide enhanced color definition and less bulk over other coated paper options.

Semi Gloss Printing Paper

Wausau Coated’s semi gloss coated paper products reduce glare without sacrificing the color vibrancy of the material. Semi gloss paper is ideal for product packaging that provides a proper balance between high gloss and matte finishes.

Matte Litho

Matte litho coated paper from Wausau Coated is manufactured with a light coating that provides a boost to the image contrast, resulting in low glare. Matte coatings provide a smoother and softer presentation and appearance than high- or semi-gloss coated papers.

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Contact us for more information regarding our advanced coated paper label materials, including High Gloss, Semi Gloss, and Matte Litho coated finishes. If you would like to receive a product sample or a price quote, click on the product’s specific catalog number and you will be directed to the request for quote area.