Shelf Marking
Shelf Marking

Retail Shelf Marking Products

Shelf Marking Products from Wausau CoatedShelf tags provide essential information and will ultimately contribute to a sales transaction. They are a key communication tool and influencer that helps you “talk” directly to your consumers.

At Wausau Coated Products we understand the everyday challenges of retail shelf marking. A great shelf tag system is easy to implement and streamlines your operation by saving time and money. Check out our Shelf Tag Materials Guide Book to learn more. For a PDF of Shelf Marking Best Practices Click Here.

How Shelf Tags Impact the Customer Experience

Shelf tags allow you to communicate with your customers in a bold and colorful way with various materials and finishes to give your store’s brand the look and feel you desire. Ultimately, success in the retail environment depends on providing customers with the best possible shopping experience. As your customers walk through the aisles, their experience will be influenced by your store environment right down to the tags on the shelf.

Why Use a Pressure-Sensitive Based Shelf Tag?

A pressure-sensitive based shelf tag system is the ideal time and cost saving application to keep you moving forward. Your business needs the operational edge to succeed in the fast-moving, competitive landscape. Employees no longer need to use the traditional clip system or other cumbersome systems, which require time and effort to insert tags. Pressure-sensitive tags are quicker to apply, do not fall off, and offer easy removal without leaving excess adhesive behind to clean.

Wausau Coated offers a large variety of facestock and adhesive constructions to align with your printing requirements and environmental applications. Our market experience includes a variety of store types including:
  • Grocery Stores and Supermarkets
  • Big Box and Super Stores
  • Wine and Liquor Stores
  • Specialty Food Stores
  • DIY, Hardware and Home Improvement Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Electronics and Auto Parts Stores


Environmental Conditions

Shelf tag performance is influenced significantly by the environmental conditions. We work with you to find the best match in materials to your needs. Some conditions to consider are:
  • Dry
  • Misting/Wet
  • Freezer
  • Humidity or Lack of Humidity
  • Frost
  • Moisture
  • Open Coolers
  • Walk-in Coolers

Shelf Type

Changing shelf types and surface characteristics will affect your shelf tag adhesive performance and today’s retail environment is constantly transforming. It is important to keep in mind the shelf material and surface characteristics and how they relate to shelf tag adhesion. We are here to help navigate that and find the best pairing for you.


There are various options on how your shelf tags will be printed and converted whether as rolls, sheets, preprinted or imprinted using different type of printers at the individual stores. We work with you to get the best tag constructions aligned to your capabilities and specifications.

Wausau Coated works with all major printer OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to ensure that our shelf tag materials will consistently perform to your expectations. Our products are available to be finished with an Indigo, Inkjet, Flexo or Laser top coat for optimal printing performance in your specific printing process.


Proper application techniques of pressure-sensitive materials have a great impact on the success of the shelf tag’s performance. Applying and removing our stock labels is simple. Remember to always apply even, moderate pressure across the entire label surface. Gently pull the tag for easy removal.


Adhesive performance can be affected by dirt, dust, old adhesive as well as cleaner residue. Similar to environmental conditions, the regular cleaning practices of a retail facility have an impact on shelf label performance and longevity.

Shelf Tag Offerings and Materials

The key components of shelf tags, facestocks and adhesives, can be custom mixed-and-matched to meet your needs.


The facestock is the customer facing part of your shelf tag. Wausau Coated offers a variety of facestock options designed to meet your retail store needs.


It is important to select the appropriate adhesive for your specific retail environment. Some key factors to consider are:
  • Room temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors that can make for challenging conditions for adhesion.
  • Adhering to a variety of materials: rigid plastics, films, glass, and painted metals
  • Run well through a press
  • Easily printable and trimmable
  • Remove cleanly from shelving
Wausau Coated Products offers two adhesive options. Our Premium Shelf Tag Removable Adhesive provides a high initial tack, long term adhesion, and removes cleanly when pulled from a shelf. The General Purpose Shelf Tag Removable Adhesive is an economical choice that still provides strong initial tack, adheres to multiple shelf materials, and is easy for your printer to run and convert.