Craft Beer & Beverage Label Materials
Craft Beer & Beverage Label Materials

Craft Beer & Beverage Label Materials

High quality craft beer, cider, soda, and other custom beverages require packaging that sets them apart on the shelf or in the cooler. Pressure sensitive labels from Wausau Coated Products gives you design flexibility compared to glue applied labels. 

At Wausau Coated, we manufacture premium Craft Beverage Label materials that successfully project your brand’s image.  Does the soft look of paper fit your brand; choose from papers with wet strength, textures, colors, PCW content, or FSC® certification.  Other options include wood veneer, foils or films.   Wausau Coated delivers the industry’s finest craft beverage labeling solutions.

For more information regarding our specialty label options, get in touch with our sales team or call us at 800-345-8039 and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have. Wausau Coated is your trusted source for state-of-the-art customized label products. 

Craft Beer & Beverage Facestock Materials
When it comes to craft beverage custom labeling solutions the best way to differentiate your brand from others is to design a label that entices and excites the consumer, propelling them to take a second to further observe your product. The first step in defining the quality of your label is to choose a labeling material that provides the protection and enhanced features that your product requires. Label stock materials that work well with beer, cider, and soda bottles and cans include:

  • Wet strength paper stocks
  •  Textured paper stocks
  •  Colored paper stocks; natural or black
  •  Wood veneer
  •  Environmentally friendly
  •  Foil
  •  White or clear films
  •  Metalized film
  •  Holographic film
Craft Beverage & Beer Adhesive Materials
When labeling craft beverages, the application can be a wet or a dry process. Our premium adhesives can perform in either of these environments. Explore both the wet and dry categories to locate the adhesive labeling option that is right for your product needs.
Wet Applications
Wet applications can be very demanding. The label must adhere quickly and remain intact while continuing down the bottling line. When vetting a material for applications that encounter moisture, it is extremely important to choose a material that will not break down or dissolve when it becomes wet. Wausau Coated offers two wet application adhesive options.
  • P-890
  • PCT-524
Dry Applications
Dry application is typically an easier process. Once labeled, the bottle will be placed in a cold or moist environment, so it is important that the adhesive settles and holds the label on the can or bottle. We offer the following dry application adhesive solutions:
  • H-318
  • AT-2060
  • CP-300

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