Specialty Customized Label Materials

​Specialized label materials and label products are specifically designed for custom projects.  The team at Wausau Coated are the “Experts in What If…”  When you have a specialized application and our stocked products aren’t the answer, we will design something special for you.  Our products are manufactured from high quality materials and are tested to make sure they work for your specialized application.

At Wausau Coated, we produce premium specialized label materials for a wide range of custom applications. Our customized label products are ideal for toys and kids labels, or a host of other applications. Whether your project requires direct thermal, piggyback, or enhanced security features, Wausau Coated has you covered.
For more information regarding our advanced specialty label options, get in touch with our sales team or call us at 800-345-8039 and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have. Wausau Coated is your trusted source for state-of-the-art customized label products.

Custom Label Options

At Wausau Coated, we excel at manufacturing high quality specialty label products for a variety of end uses. Our sales and technical staff meet daily to understand your pressure sensitive needs and develop solutions that will give your product the competitive advantage.

Custom Label Material Solutions

At Wausau Coated, we specialize in developing specialty label products that are designed to meet customer-specific applications and end-use needs.  Our custom wine label materials can be made with a variety of adhesives and liners to create a custom label based on your project’s exact specifications. 

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Contact us for more information regarding our specialty label products and materials today. If you would like to receive a product sample or a price quote, click on the product’s specific catalog number and you will be directed to the appropriate request area.