Sheet Label Materials
Sheet Label Materials

Traditional Offset Sheet Label Products

Offset printing is typically preferred over digital printing for high-volume printing jobs. In addition to being more economical, traditional offset printing produces higher-quality graphics and allows you to achieve more control over colors. For projects where you need crisp images or a near-perfect match to brand colors, this printing option is the way to go.

The quality of your print job also depends on the labels you use. High-quality paper produces better images, and you need the right adhesives to keep your labels securely in place.

Traditional Offset Printing Sheet Labels for Any Project

Designed for everyday needs, our line of Traditional Offset Printing labels offers many options, including fluorescents, coated and uncoated pressure-sensitive sheets. We stock sheet sizes from 8.5”x11” to 28”x40” and provide a range of facestocks to meet your printing needs.
  • Fluorescent Sheet Labels: Call attention to your message bright colors like red, green, chartreuse, orange, and pink. All fluorescent offset sheet labels feature a permanent adhesive.
  • Coated Sheet Labels: Select from semi-gloss and high-gloss printing labels with permanent or removable adhesives.
  • Uncoated and Matte Litho Sheet Labels:  These labels give your printing jobs a smooth, shine-free look. Select from sheet labels with permanent or removable pressure-sensitive adhesive.

We ship from multiple warehouse locations to help get your traditional offset printing labels in your hands quickly. Use the product filters below to select a sheet size and warehouse location. These products are stocked and ready to ship.

Please send us a message if you have any questions or wish to discuss custom traditional offset printing labels.

Learn More About Our Precision Offset Printing Labels and Customization Options

Wausau Coated stocks a broad selection of offset printing and digital printing labels in standard sizes and offers custom label sizes. Contact us for more information regarding our traditional offset sheet label products, or if you have specific custom product questions.