Craft Beer & Beverage Label Materials
Craft Beer & Beverage Label Materials


60# Estate Label® #8 Vellum - White Wet Strength, FSC® Certified / WA-769 / 1.2 Mil Clear 90% Recycled Polyester (r-PET)


60# Estate Label® #8 Vellum - Wet Strength, FSC® Certified : see other catalog options

Elegant white facestock with a vellum finish that easily accepts die-cutting, embossing, and foil stamping. It is manufactured with "wet strength" properties to increase performance in moist environments. The Estate grades are FSC® Certified and made with archival properties for a longer life. It is suitable for high-speed bottling and packaging lines. It is a great stock for premium and prestigious labeling applications.

Basis Weight (25 x 38 / 500) 60 lbs.
Caliper 4.8 mils
Brightness, MacBeth 92 %
Opacity, Huygen 93.5 %
Tensile, lbs.(dry)/15 mm, MD / CD 15+ / 8+ lbs/15mm
Smoothness, Hagerty 235 units
pH Alkaline
Regulatory Compliances Archival, FSC® Certified, FSC® is a voluntary program, and not legally required to be adhered to

WA-769 : see other catalog options

A wash away emulsion acrylic permanent adhesive with good initial tack and good adhesion to most surfaces. Paper defects like bubbling and wrinkling may be observed depending on a variety of factors. The wash away properties are best suited for dry glass or non-porous surfaces. Best when used in conjunction with paper face stocks. Can be used in an industrial setting with hot water and a caustic solution. To remove a label, place the container in warm water (minimum of 110°F) for at least three minute. Removability is dependent upon the substrate, water temperature, additives, and dwell time.

Type Water Washable Permanent
Classification Emulsion Acrylic
Minimum Application Temp. 40 °F
Service Temperature Range -30 to +375 °F

1.2 Mil Clear 90% Recycled Polyester (r-PET) : see other catalog options

A clear 90% recycled content polyester film liner with high strength and durability. Typically used for high speed automatic roll-to-roll applications.

Caliper 1.2 mils
Yield 16,768 sq. in/lb
Elongation at break, MD / TD 115 / 90 %
Haze 5 %
Tensile Strength, MD / TD 27,000 / 28,500 psi
Shrinkage at 302°F/30 min., MD / TD 3.0 / 1.0 %