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Wausau Coated Products Resources

Adhesive Guide

There are three main classifications of adhesives:  permanent, removable and repositionable. 
  • Permanent:  This type of adhesive works for most label applications since they create a strong bond with the surface they are applied to.
  • Removable:  This adhesive type can be removed for a window of time afer application without damaging the label or the surface it is applied to.
  • Repositionable:  This type of adhesive is designed for short-term removability in cases where the label needs to be repositioned or reapplied
Choosing the correct adhesive for your end use application is critical. Wausau Coated specializes in Emulsion Acrylic, UV Acrylic and Hot Melt adhesive technologies, many of which are designed for a specific surface or end use application. We have a variety of options available to best suit your needs.