Wausau Coated
Wausau Coated

55# Dual Digital 100% Recycled Natural Kraft

100% Recycled Natural Kraft has the coloring and consistency of a brown paper grocery bag and is designed to work through both inkjet and laser printers. Recycled Natural Kraft gives a rustic or "earthy" look for label applications. Perfect for candle labeling, art, crafts, gourmet foods, or on any label requiring a unique appearance. 100% recycled content products are made with reused material and include imperfections in the paper that may be visible. This paper is top coated and optimized for HP Indigo Presses as well as production toner presses.

Basis Weight (25 x 38 / 500) 55 lbs
Caliper 5.8 mils
Tear, MD / CD 79 / 101 g
Tensile, MD / CD 25 / 11 lbs.
Recycled Content 100 %

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WCD-0107 55# Dual Digital 100% Recycled Natural Kraft / Permanent / 80# Score Back View Details