Wausau Coated
Wausau Coated

3 Mil Gloss VersaPly™

A strong, durable reinforced facestock with medium gloss and a smooth surface. It also has good opacity and brightness. 3 mil VersaPly™ also has wet strength properties for enhanced performance in moist or wet environments. End use examples include shelf marking, drum labels, horticultural tags, and beverage label applications among others. Suitable for laser printing as well as water-based and UV flexo, and UV letterpress printing.

Basis Weight (25 x 38 / 500) 62 lbs.
Caliper 3.1 mils
Brightness 87 %
Gloss, 75° 75 %
Opacity 88 %

Catalog #Construction
WCD-0077 3 Mil Gloss Versaply™ / Special Removable / 80# Zero Split View Details