Wausau Coated


A cold temperature emulsion acrylic permanent which exhibits good initial tack to a variety of substrates. Adhesion to rigid plastics, film, glass, and painted metals is good. Die-cuts cleanly. Designed for laser applications and is a good choice for roll-to-sheet applications.

Service Temperature Range -10 to +200 °F
Minimum Application Temp. 35 °F
pH Alkaline
Classification Emulsion Acrylic
Type Cold Temperature Permanent
Regulatory Compliances California Proposition 65, CONEG, RoHS, Acute Oral Toxicity 16 CFR 1500.3, REACH, FDA 21 CFR 175.105, Primary Skin Irritant 16 CFR 1500.41, Primary Eye Irritant 16 CFR 1500.42

Catalog #Construction
W018273 3.5 Mil White Laser/Inkjet Polyester / PCT-242 / 50# SC View Details
W007737 70# Bright Gold Foil / PCT-242 / 52# Laser View Details
W031543 60# Semi Gloss / PCT-242 / 52# Laser View Details