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Pressure Sensitive Labels and Flexible Packaging Solutions

With 40 years of experience in the pressure sensitive products and custom coating technologies industry, Wausau Coated provides our customers with the unique labeling products and materials their brand deserves. Our expert staff is extremely knowledgeable and are more than happy to assist you throughout the purchasing process. Wausau Coated excels at providing specialized pressure sensitive labels in high quality rolls or sheets for a near endless amount of labeling applications.

Custom Solutions for your Specialized Pressure Sensitive Label Needs

Our culture is to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. At Wausau Coated, we are unique in our tenacious technical approach to take on and deliver specialized custom solutions. We accomplish this by providing high quality roll and sheet label materials and flexible packaging solutions for a wide range of end uses.

Providing “What If” Solutions for Your Label and Flexible Packaging Needs

For many, "What if" is an uncomfortable phrase. We have a passion for "what if" challenges going beyond stock solutions to deliver specialized solutions. We specialize in developing custom-engineered solutions designed to meet customer-specific applications and end-user needs. With hundreds of paper and film face-stocks and liners and in-house adhesive and silicone blending, Wausau Coated can meet your "what if" condition and create thousands of pressure sensitive constructions based on your project’s unique requirements.
At Wausau Coated, we specialize in the following types of stock and custom pressure sensitive labels and flexible packaging solutions:

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Roll Label Products

Our roll label products are available in numerous material options. We can match any facestock with an adhesive that meets your exact requirement needs. We also offer a broad range of environmentally friendly material options including “green” facestocks and adhesives. We currently feature over 100 products that fall under the environmentally responsible category.

Roll Label Products

Sheet Label Products

At Wausau Coated, our nationwide network of distributors can provide pressure sensitive sheet products for a diverse range of applications. Our sheet labels are designed for easy and effective printing and are specifically designed to be utilized with indigo presses and inkjet and laser printers, with fully customized printing options that are tailored to your exact design specifications.

Flexible Packaging Materials

Product packages that have an exclusive look and texture grab the attention of consumers. Flexible packaging can add appeal to your brand and refine brand awareness. The unique look of pouches and bags provides an upscale look and can persuade a consumer to purchase. At Wausau Coated, we provide both Indigo optimized and flexographic flexible packaging products to draw attention to your brand.

Pressure Sensitive Label End Use Solutions

At Wausau Coated Products, we can manufacture specialty pressure sensitive labels for a near limitless amount of end uses. From retail shelf marking to wine label products to transfer tape, our experienced Sales and Technical staff has the skills to transform the most intricate labeling projects into productive solutions, providing your product with a clear competitive advantage over the competition.

Contact Wausau Coated Products for Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels and Flexible Packaging Solutions Today

Contact us for more information regarding our specialized pressure sensitive label manufacturing capabilities, including roll and sheet label options. If you have any questions on any of our products, please call us at 800-345-8039 and one of our experts will gladly assist you.