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75# Ever Opaque® XL - Avon Brilliant White Classic Crest® Wet Strength, FSC® Certified / PW-831 / 44# PK

75# Ever Opaque® XL - Avon Brilliant White Classic Crest® Wet Strength, FSC® Certified

A high performance, reinforced, elegant facestock with an embossed, woven cloth finish. This exceptional label stock has a durable construction that allows for design flexibility including embossing, debossing, foil and intricate die cuts. It is manufactured with “wet strength” properties to increase performance in moist environments. This facestock maintains a premium label look and includes block out qualities to keep the label and brand image perfect on the package.

Basis Weight (25 x 38 / 500) 74.74 lbs.
Caliper 4.9 mils
Brightness, MacBeth 93 %
Opacity, Huygen 99 %
Smoothness, Hagerty 125 units
Regulatory Compliances FSC® Certified, FSC® is a voluntary program, and not legally required to be adhered to


A cold temperature emulsion acrylic permanent with good initial tack and short term repositionability. PW-831 is an excellent performer at both room temperature and in ice bucket conditions, manufactured to deliver dry and wet opacity. It is designed for front and back beverage labels and provides good die-cutting and stripping characteristics. PW-831 is the perfect choice for dry labeling of wine, beer and spirits.

Type Cold Temperature Permanent
Classification Emulsion Acrylic
pH Alkaline
Minimum Application Temp. 25 °F
Service Temperature Range -10 to +200 °F

44# PK

A polylam brown kraft liner with superior die-cutting and stripping properties. Designed for high-speed label dispensing and is recommended for roll-to-roll applications.

Basis Weight (25 x 38 / 500) 45.5# +/- 10% lbs
Caliper 3.3 +/- 10% mils
Regulatory Compliances CONEG, RoHS, REACH