Sheet Label Materials
Sheet Label Materials


155# Dual Digital Crimson Flocked Marquee / Xtra Permanent / 80# Zero Split

Old - DPI164S
  • Sheet Size: 13" x 19"
  • Sh/Ctn: 50
  • Warehouse: WI

155# Dual Digital Crimson Flocked Marquee : see other catalog options

This flocked red material combines the looks of suede and the richness of velvet, with unparalleled quality and consistency. It has great foil and blind stamping abilities. Top coated and optimized for HP Indigo Presses as well as production toner presses.

Basis Weight (25 x 38 / 500) 158.8 lbs
Caliper 14 mils

Xtra Permanent : see other catalog options

This adhesive is an ultra-aggressive permanent designed for difficult-to-label surfaces. It offers excellent initial tack and ultimate adhesion to a variety of substrates. It is UV resistant, water resistant, and offers some solvent resistance.

Type High Performance Acrylic
Classification Acrylic
pH Slightly Acidic
Minimum Application Temp. 20 °F
Service Temperature Range -20 to +300 °F
Regulatory Compliances California Proposition 65, CONEG, Natural Rubber Latex Free, REACH, RoHS, FDA 21 CFR 175.105, FDA 21 CFR 175.125 (a) (b), FDA 21 CFR 176.180

80# Zero Split : see other catalog options

Clay-coated bleached kraft liner designed for roll-to-sheet applications.

Basis Weight (25 x 38 / 500) 84.5 lbs
Caliper 4.6 mils
Opacity 86 %
Tear, MD / CD 61 / 71 g
Tensile, MD / CD 36 / 21 psi
Regulatory Compliances Acid Free, ASTM F963 Child Toy Safety, California Proposition 65, CONEG, FDA 21 CFR 175.105, RoHS, REACH