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Below are the “What If” applications potential for pressure sensitive (PS) sheet applications in manufacturing/warehousing environments. These diverse and unique environments need solutions that are durable and communicate clearly especially when it comes to safety.
PS solutions make it easy for employees to use and manage these communications that are able to stand up to diverse conditions. Wausau Coated won’t leave you limited by a shortage of material and adhesive combinations. Tour the manufacturing/warehousing environment below to see the possibilities communicating to facility users.
Wayfinding - providing directions and marking restricted spaces
Policy Information – including safety, restriction, and hours of operation signs

Pressure sensitive sheet labels, signage, and floor graphics make it easier than ever to communicate to your facility employees and visitors.

warehouse fragile sign Hot or cold, moist or dry, dusty or grimy, manufacturing and warehousing facilities can be tough places for ordinary paper and tape to hold up. Wausau Coated capabilities offer the ability to provide solutions for these conditions. 

Wausau Coated Benefits/Key Factors

Our vinyl facestocks are durable and waterproof. Part of our Dual Digital product line, they are suitable for cross-platform printing on both HP Indigo sheet presses and many Production Toner digital presses. 

Adhesives Options warehouse forklift sign

Permanent is exactly as it sounds… our solventless adhesive works great for general purposes where a long-term application is needed. 

Removable or Ultra Removable: There is a range of aggressiveness – some can be removed and replaced over and over again, and some can only be removed once or twice.  Discuss your application and purpose with your sales rep. warehouse office sign

Liner Options

We offer pressure sensitive solutions in multiple sheet sizes and offer the option of zero score or score back. The advantage of score back is the ease of removing the liner. 

Visualize the Possibilities

Match up the applications shown below with the Product Suggestions Chart below for specific product considerations.
manufacturing map with related applicatgions

Product Suggestions for Manufacturing/Warehousing Environments

Applications Suggested Products Size
1. Safety Signs on Metal Equipment WCD-0035
12" x 18"
8.5" x 11"
2. Safety Floor Graphics on Indoor Concrete WCD-0094 with WCD-0095
WCD-0096 with WCD-0097
13" x 19" with 20" Rolls
20.5" x 29.5" with 20" Rolls
3. Informational Signs on Glass WCD-0044
12" x 18"
13" x 19"
4. Die Cut Labels in Fulfillment Area DC 72010
WCD-0057 - DC
8.5" x 11"
12" x 18"
5. Hazard Signs on Textured Walls WCD-0035
12" x 18"
20.5" x 29.5"
6. Policy Signs on Smooth Walls WCD-0036
12" x 18"
12" x 18"
7. Shelf Marking Labels WCD-0111
8.5" x 11"
11" x 8.5"
8. Policy Signs on Metal Doors WCD-0037
12" x 18"
18" x 24"

* NOTE: The products listed here are examples of application solutions. For product details and more   
  options, click on the individual product links
We recommend discussing your expectations and environment with your merchant and Wausau
Coated sales rep. Testing may be required to get the best performance results.
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